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Ava Meena, Author at New Life Outlook

About Ava

Ava Meena became a lupus advocate after receiving her diagnosis in 2017. She suffered from years of unexplained pain and illness and is grateful to now be part of a community of lupus warriors.

Ava previously worked as a chemist and, while she can no longer work full-time, her education has helped immensely when it comes to deciphering the complex nature of lupus and the medications used to treat it. She now focuses on freelance writing and blogging on her good days.

On her blog, she shares her life with lupus and her insatiable love for travel, which she discovered while living as an expat in Germany. She loves to go hiking, take photos, and plan trips to fun places. She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, with her husband, two birds, and (soon) baby Meena – arriving in May 2018.

Ava's Work

How to Test for Lupus

What Lab Tests Are Used to Diagnose Lupus?

A lupus diagnosis is made by a clinical evaluation in combination with lab tests. If you believe you have lupus, here's how to test for lupus.
by Ava Meena on October 29, 2018
Discoid Lupus

What You Need to Know About Discoid Lupus

Discoid lupus is a type of lupus that affects the skin. Learn more about the causes, types of discoid lupus, symptoms, and treatment here.
by Ava Meena on October 2, 2018
Lupus Pregnancy

Why Is Lupus Pregnancy Different from Typical Pregnancy?

There are several ways that a lupus pregnancy can differ from a typical pregnancy, this is because pregnancy with lupus comes with numerous risks.
by Ava Meena on June 26, 2018
What Is Lupus

What Is Lupus and What Is Not Lupus?

Lupus has been difficult to comprehend since it was first classified. To understand what is lupus and what it's not is by doing some proper research.
by Ava Meena on May 23, 2018
What Causes Lupus

Will We Ever Know What Exactly Causes Lupus?

What causes lupus? There is no definitive cause for lupus, but hormones, genetics, and environmental influences are all thought to play a part.
by Ava Meena on May 7, 2018
Lupus Fatigue

Fatigue and Lupus: The Many Different Kinds of Exhaustion

There are many different ways that lupus fatigue can manifest from experiencing a lupus flare to sleep issues. Here are some ways to manage lupus fatigue.
by Ava Meena on March 13, 2018
Lupus Support Groups

Lupus Support Groups: More Than Just a Meeting?

Lupus support groups are a great place to meet others living with the condition, learn new ways to cope and a place to learn more your condition.
by Ava Meena on February 5, 2018
Lupus and the Immune System

Understanding How Lupus Affects the Immune System

Between 30 and 50 percent of lupus patients will experience infection-related complications. Learn more about lupus and the immune system.
by Ava Meena on January 5, 2018
Lupus Diet

Easy Ways to Improve Your Diet When You Have Lupus

Eating healthy will not cure lupus, however, following a healthy lupus diet plan is vital to good health and for treating this disease.
by Marlene Wallace and Ava Meena on December 21, 2017