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Anna is a lupus warrior living in the United Kingdom and pursuing a PhD in history.

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Lupus and Joint Pain

Five Tips for Coping With Lupus Joint Pain

Lupus and joint pain go hand in hand. Around 90% of lupus patients will experience some form of joint pain. Anna shares her tips for easing the pain.
by Anna Scanlon on January 14, 2019
Your Definitive Guide for Dealing With a Lupus Flare-Up

Your Definitive Guide for Dealing With a Lupus Flare-Up

Lupus is unique, meaning flares will have different markers for different people. Two lupus warriors share their tips for coping with a lupus flare-up.
by Elena Anciro and Anna Scanlon on November 29, 2017
Lupus Chest Pain

Empower Yourself By Understanding Lupus Chest Pain

The first time people experience lupus chest pain they rush to the ER fearing the worst, but once you know how to identify it, you can feel more empowered.
by Anna Scanlon and Krystina Ostermeyer on October 16, 2017
Video Finding Support When Diagnosed With Lupus

Finding Support When Diagnosed With Lupus

Anna shares why it's important to find support when diagnosed with lupus, how to find these support groups, tips for finding support, and more.
by Anna Scanlon on August 25, 2017
Video Lupus Awareness

Why Lupus Awareness Is Important

Lupus awareness is very important because not only can it bring awareness to lupus in general, but it can help people, scientific breakthroughs, and more.
by Anna Scanlon on August 17, 2017
Video Lupus And Pets

How Pets Can Help Lupus

Anna shares how owning a pet can help living with lupus, reduce anxiety and depression, provide comfort and more.
by Anna Scanlon on August 11, 2017
Video Coping With Lupus And Depression

Coping With Lupus And Depression

Coping with lupus and depression may be difficult to take on together, but Anna has some great tips on how you can cope with lupus and depression.
by Anna Scanlon on August 4, 2017
Video Is Lupus Contagious

Is Lupus Contagious? And Other Common Myths

"Is Lupus contagious?" is a common misconception that people have about Lupus. The answer is no. Listen to Anna talk about other common myths about lupus.
by Anna Scanlon on July 21, 2017
Video Traveling With Lupus

5 Tips to Make Traveling With Lupus Easier

When you have lupus traveling can be daunting. Between medications, rest, and worrying about what to eat, it can seem like traveling isn't worth the hassle.
by Anna Scanlon on May 4, 2017
Video Losing Weight With Lupus

5 Tips for Losing Weight With Lupus

Maintaining a healthy weight can be difficult with lupus, what with steroids that cause weight gain and the inactivity that comes with not feeling well.
by Anna Scanlon on April 12, 2017
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