Is Lupus Contagious? And Other Common Myths

“Is lupus contagious?” is a common misconception that people have about lupus.

However, many people also don’t understand what Lupus is. When they hear about a disease that they don’t know about, they worry if it is contagious sexually or not, can you get it through blood, are you going to get it from kissing someone with lupus?

The answer is, no, lupus is not contagious. Anna is here to clear up other common myths related to Lupus.

Common Myths About Lupus

Lupus is an autoimmune disease, meaning you need to have the gene that carries lupus to develop it. If you’re not convinced about lupus not being contagious, continue to read below.

Lupus is Hereditary

Lupus may have a hereditary component, but it is not known at the moment.

Right now, many studies are being done on that to see if Lupus is passed down from generation to generation. If a family member has lupus, it doesn’t imply that their children will be diagnosed with it, but they will still inherit the gene.

People with Lupus Don’t Donate Blood or Organs

People with lupus usually don’t donate blood. The basis around this is unclear; it could be because someone with lupus doesn’t think their blood isn’t good enough and it may be hard to the person with lupus to consider donating.

If you were to receive a transplant from someone with lupus, there is no way that you will catch it. In fact, it’s probably pretty rare.

Pregnancy and Childbirth

Some women who have lupus and give birth, there is a chance of their baby developing neonatal lupus. The good news is that a lot of times a baby do grow out of it and don’t show any signs of ever having lupus.

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