Christmas With Lupus: What We Really Want

What People With Lupus Really Want for Christmas

Christmas With LupusThe season of giving is upon us and the magic of the holidays is filling the air. This Christmas, there are a few things we lupus warriors would really love to receive above all else:

A Break From the Constant Fatigue

Having lupus can mean you’re constantly ready to fall over and sleep for about eight hours. The fatigue lupus patients have is totally different from the sleepiness most busy people experience on a daily basis.

Instead, with lupus, it can even be difficult to do something simple like take a shower or take the dog for a walk. As such, being tired can be a constant struggle and it can be difficult to get through the day. Us lupus patients would love just a few days where we can do everything a normal person does in a day.

Uninterrupted Sleep

Though sometimes the amount of sleep we get doesn’t actually affect how tired we are, when we aren’t flaring, getting a good eight hours of uninterrupted sleep can be the difference between being able to get everything we need to do in a day done and giving in to the sleepiness.

Of course, most of us with lupus have a family and pets, so getting a full eight hours of sleep can be just as difficult for us as it is for anyone else.

A Vacation from Endless Pills

Ever have those moments where you can’t remember if you took your medicine or you just thought about it? Sick of counting out pills every week to put into your pill container? Yeah, most lupus patients would love a break from that!


Instead of having to keep track of all of the medications we take in a day, most of us would love a few weeks off from stuffing endless pills into our mouths and taking breaks from social events and time with friends and family to take them.

Family and Friends Genuinely Understanding What You’re Going Through

Most people with lupus have likely had an interaction with a family member or friend that was none too pleasant. Whether they think you’re wallowing in your illness, playing it up for sympathy, or taking it personally, it can be really emotionally taxing to have to account for other people’s feelings as well as your own when you’re not feeling well.

It would be extra amazing if everyone’s family and friends magically understood exactly what it was like to have lupus and instead of pestering us, let us know they care and understand.

No More Raynaud’s

Lots of people with lupus suffer from something called Raynaud’s disease, where the circulation isn’t particularly great in the hands and feet. During times of the year when it is colder, this can lead to fingers and toes turning purple and even a stinging or painful sensation.

Gloves can help, but they don’t always do the total trick. This makes winter especially awful for lupus sufferers, so I’m sure most of us would absolutely jump at a Christmas gift that meant more comfortable hands and feet during the colder winter months!

No More Hospital Stays

No matter how nice of a hospital you’re in, there is absolutely nothing fun about being in one. The repeated jabs of blood work, the constant shuffling in and out for vital checks, and the tedium of doing nothing more than laying in bed and waiting for your daily visitors is awful.

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