Fatigue and Lupus: The Many Different Kinds of Exhaustion

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Lupus article: Fatigue and Lupus: The Many Different Kinds of ExhaustionFatigue and Lupus: The Many Different Kinds of Exhaustion

Fatigue and lupus are familiar friends, but there are many different kinds of fatigue that can affect the lupus sufferer. Barbara describes three.

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  • This is a great way to group the different levels of fatigue. Can understand every level! I am learning to accept even if my labs are good that fatigue and aches and stress are going to be a norm. Also nice to see reference to trying to work. I hear so many stories of those that are unable to work. I am fortunate and can still work but have adjusted quite a bit. Feels good others feel same that work makes them feel good despite it also draining them.
  • alelialeli Member
    I am at my best when I do the things I love. Exercise, dancing, baking my favorite cookies and making people happy when they taste the home baked goodies. Behind that, when I go to sleep, my body aches. I wish I can work doing what I love to do. Instead I am working part time in a job I have no talent for, to earn extra money. Very stressful. I wish I did not have to do that work but it is what I have right now. My body is limited due to SLE and Nephritis. I am always fatigued. Sometimes I find myself just wanting to sit down and practically do nothing just to cope up. My boss doesn't understand and often gets mad at me for not understanding instructions. (sigh.....).
  • I fight not falling asleep at my desk.FT single working mom by Wednesday I am dragging by button and holding my head up. When I was out of work I was able to exercise sleep later nap and I was off some mess. Now I am worsening
  • @aleli I get yelled at too. They don't understand
  • @Jenlynn I feel horrible when I work at an office and can't adjust my environment
  • You have described it so well. Thank you for sharing.
  • I was diagnosed with SLE and RA 1.5 yrs ago at the age of 41. I am still learning how to cope with my symptoms. I have full blown flares every 3 months. The in between times I feel so fatigued I can barely function. I have been through a lot over the past few years, bc of these trying times is how I found out I had Lupus. I was so stressed my body couldn’t handle it any longer. I have had every type of rash Lupus offers. I’m pretty sure I have had almost every symptom that goes with these autoimmune diseases. I feel like giving up sometimes, then I remind myself that I am a strong woman and will get through this
    Anyway, I travel for work. I am away from my home and in hotels 75% of the year or more. I believe this is the biggest influence with my flare ups. I practice yoga, I eat healthy, I take my meds correctly. I know I do not get enough sleep. I am a private person not many people know I have SLE and RA. It’s good know I’m not alone.
  • I was diagnosed with SLE 14 months ago and it has been horrible. I was extremely sick for the first 10 months, then had a three month remission on to get hit hard with a flareup that has so far lasted nearly four months.

    I am in so much pain that I am bedridden for several days at a time and the severe fatigue is awful. The Plaquenil wasn't working so I have been doing infusions every two weeks for the past six weeks, and now I do them once a month. so far they are not working and it gets pretty discouraging.

    I am still trying to adjust to my new normal but it hasn't been easy. There are so many days when I am afraid. I only have a handful of people that get it.

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