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imageNew Lupus Treatment

Researchers have identified a gene that is responsible for causing lupus in young patients, which has enabled them to discover a new lupus treatment.

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  • I was recently diagnosed with Lupus. Where can I go to have this DNA sequencing done? I think it would help my doctors know what treatment plan would be better for me.
  • I am 79 years old was diagnosed with SLE at age forty but had symptoms since small girl especially butterfly rash. We just though I was to hot. Have used the same Dr and meds since forty. Keep it controlled but am getting worse as for pain. The only time I was in remission was after my Lupus induced cancer treatment. Life was great for about six years my wonderful cancer Dr thought we had cured the Lupus No such luck. WHat do most of you do for joint pain besides predizone?
  • @Modell I'm Not a Doctor, but I use store/off the shelve Paracetamol tablets/products (Panadol /Panadine)
  • @Modell Dont seem to be to much of nothing elese for doctors to do about the pain of it. They just increase the predisone and give you pain meds. Which you get sick of.

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