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imageMy Story: Brittany Johnson - New Life Outlook | Lupus

Despite being diagnosed with Lupus, Brittany Johnson proudly finished her university degree and attended her graduation ceremony. This is her story.

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  • Thank you Brittany Johnson for sharing your story. I commend you on completing school. You did not let your illness stop you. I wish I was that brave to share mine. Because I have SLE/Lupus nephritis. You are bless. May God continue to bless you.
  • Congratulations Brittany - I can tell that Lupus is not going to stop you. It is going to direct you to an exciting new path you probably hadn't considered before! Yes, you have a diagnosed illness with a whole set of limitations but I also see that you have a strong work ethic and a flexibility of spirit that is going to allow you to rise above this. Kudos :)

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