Working With Lupus? Consider These Jobs

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imageWorking With Lupus? Consider These Jobs

Some people working with lupus are able to hold down full-time, 40-hour a week jobs without any problem. However, for some, this is totally out of reach.

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  • joserodjoserod Member
    Hi there everyone. I'm a hispanic male and I've been diagnosed with lupus sle since I was 19. Now I'm 29. Ive lost a few jobs due to lupus. But I've been with Frito lay for about 5 years. The only way to control it is by eating the right food. Just chicken and fish. No more pork or beef or shrimp. They cause your immune system to fail in some sort of way and you swell up/arthritis. I read Marianne meek totin and she's right on what she said about cutting down those bad foods. Its difficult but have faith in yourself. You can do it.

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