Raynaud’s Phenomenon

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Lupus article: Raynaud’s PhenomenonRaynaud’s Phenomenon

Lupus and Raynaud's phenomenon often occur together. Brandy shares her experience with Raynaud's and some tips for combatting it.

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  • When I saw this I was so thankful. it is so hard to deal with and explain all that goes with Raynaud's. Your right about the infrared socks n gloves I saw them too and read up on them seem promising . thank you so much stay warm fingers n toes... I too have Raynaud's & recently given a diagnosis of Lupus..
  • I've just started experiencing blue fingers, not very often or for long periods. Also look to diet for help, especially your gut. Check out Dr Amy meyers in Austin tx website. She discusses a lot of autoimmune issues and their diet links. I'm now up to seven of them and I find gut health is a key to functioning. Know the Cause is another great source as well as Dr David Becker. It seems that all autoimmune issues start with poor gut health, some can be genetic, but symptoms can greatly be helped with a strict lifestyle diet. At least that's what I've found works best for me and my diseases. Hope this helps someone.
  • Wanted to add great article! Very helpful information. I'm still learning about this one. Thank you!
  • I also have problems with my hands... I recently went back to work and am struggling horribly. One of my elder residents told me to use WD40.... yes the sqeeky spray! Believe it or not it works... its actually made of fish oil and works within minutes... it also works on any aching joints ... which we all have frome time to.time knees, ankles, feet ....its not the greatest smell but lotion top. Dont knock it till u try it .... I was surprised :)

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