Travelling with Lupus

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imageTravelling with Lupus

When you have Lupus, you may be able to take a vacation, but it must be carefully planned around your disease.

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  • I love vacation, its a time for me to forget I'm sick and tired of being sick. I try to take time off spread during the year, my job is very high stress and if I don't have a good break every 3 months I will have a flare up.
  • Hello, I've been diagnosed with SLE since 2011. I get flares pretty often, someone's bad and others not too bad that I don't remember at all. At this time honestly I don't know what a flare is. My family says that I start doing random things and my eyes gets the weird look of someone exhausted and then again I don't remember anything during and after the "flare". My symptoms starts with what my family calls Lupus Fog. I look myself in the mirror to see if there's anything out of the ordinary but can't tell, and then the excruciating migraines with vomiting. I currently live in Germany and due of my mom having cancer a travel a lot. Needless to say once I get to my final destination, boom !!!!!! lupus fog kicks in and the migraine and complete disorientation and of course no recollection what's so ever. It's like a cycle every 3-4months I get a flare.
    I've never heard or read anyone with similar symptoms, are these considered flares too? I've done MRI'S CT-scan and even a spinal tab but the (Doctors) can't find any connection with the memory loss due to Lupus. Although there are many articles that some side effect of the medications that I'm taking mentioned memory loss. So, as you can imagine as much as I love to travel, but now I dread every time I need to due road trips (which I love) or flying ( which I also love). Just need to know how to notice when a flare is coming up or symptoms I hope anyone can shed some light? Thanks!
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    That's really hard for me to talk about my daughter condition, the lupus take all her time, this is so difficult for her to go ahead and to stop thinking about this... it's really hard, I'm looking for support here, i really need to speak with people that can recommend me to do something, can advice me sometimes this is the only way which makes me feel a part of a group of people that understands me. I spend a lot of time searching for drug coupons at least I'm trying to do something. My friends, family and relatives don't understand what i feel, and i need this community here really very much, thank you for accepting me!

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