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Elena Anciro, Author at New Life Outlook

About Elena

Elena Anciro has been living with lupus since 2001. She loves storytelling on the stage, the page, and on the web through her lupus blog, Face Forward.

Elena hopes that her blog can be a welcoming and supportive online meeting place, a virtual hug to lupus and non-lupus warriors alike, and a way of keeping herself accountable in her journey to live a life of balance, health, and epic adventure.

Face Forward was a WEGO health activist award nominee and was on Healthline’s list of best lupus blogs of 2014. She is grateful for the opportunity to contribute and connect with the NewLifeOutlook|Lupus community.

Elena is a proud prairie girl, born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Elena's Work

Your Definitive Guide for Dealing With a Lupus Flare-Up

Your Definitive Guide for Dealing With a Lupus Flare-Up

Lupus is unique, meaning flares will have different markers for different people. Two lupus warriors share their tips for coping with a lupus flare-up.
by Elena Anciro and Anna Scanlon on November 29, 2017
Traveling With Lupus

Traveling Smart With Lupus: What You Should Know Before You Go

When you have lupus, you may be able to take a vacation, but it must be carefully planned around your disease. Read Elena's tips for traveling with lupus!
by Elena Anciro on September 28, 2017

What to Binge-Watch During a Lupus Flare

During a lupus flare, you may need to find an activity to help get through your flare – like watching TV. Here is our top list of shows to binge-watch.
by Elena Anciro on August 4, 2017
How Does Lupus Affect The Brain

How Does Lupus Affect The Brain?

For people living with lupus, experiencing cognitive problems can be scary. It's important to learn about how lupus affects the brain.
by Elena Anciro on July 7, 2017
Lupus Stigma

Coping With Lupus Stigma

You feel like a target for ignorant remarks and judgement from strangers, co-workers, and even friends. Here's how to cope with lupus stigma.
by Elena Anciro on May 10, 2017
Lupus and Hearing Loss

How Lupus Can Cause Hearing Issues

The ear is a fragile, complex system of parts that can be vulnerable to autoimmune diseases like lupus. Learn about lupus and hearing loss and how to cope.
by Elena Anciro on April 27, 2017
Lupus Rash

Living With Lupus Skin Rashes

There are four different kinds of rashes that can occur with lupus. Lupus warriors Elena Anciro and Barbara Leech discuss their experiences with lupus rash.
by Barbara Leech and Elena Anciro on March 22, 2017
Herbs for Lupus

Taking the Natural Approach With Herbal Therapies for Lupus

The use of herbs for lupus treatment is on the rise as people find themselves dissatisfied with modern healthcare. Learn the pros, cons, and risks here!
by Elena Anciro on February 22, 2017
Lupus and Fluorescent Lights

Tips for Managing Photosensitivity to Fluorescent Lighting

In the modern world, unnatural light surrounds us 24 hours a day. Learn about lupus and fluorescent lights and how to protect yourself.
by Elena Anciro on October 25, 2016
Lupus Pain Management

Lupus Pain Management

Managing chronic pain goes beyond addressing physical symptoms. Elena shares her tips and experience with lupus pain management.
by Elena Anciro on September 13, 2016