Working With Lupus? Consider These Jobs

Job Opportunities for Lupus Warriors

Working With Lupus? Consider These JobsSome people working with lupus are able to hold down full-time, 40-hour a week jobs without any problem. Others are able to work closely with their employer to ensure that they are able to keep their job whilst working around days off for sick days and other issues that arise due to SLE.

However, for some, this is totally out of reach due to lupus fatigue or illness that arises from lupus, so finding a job that works within the confines of the disease’s peaks and valleys is necessary to stay afloat.

As I am self-employed because of my lupus, I will discuss some of the job opportunities available to those with SLE who wish to earn an income, yet work around their disease.

Sales With an Established Company

There are many companies out there that allow you the freedom to work for yourself while selling a trusted brand name item. This can be anything from nail products to jewellery to candles to even sex toys.

One of the secrets to success in this line of work is selling something you are already extremely passionate about — that way, it will be a lot easier to both sell and get other people involved.

The benefit to this sort of job is that you can work when you want and as much as you want. While some people have trouble in sales roles, others find that they excel and are able to make a very comfortable living.

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Many of the programs are multi-level marketing, which means that you then have other people work underneath you that you train and recruit and earn royalty from their sales.

Before engaging in a program like this, make sure you do the research to ensure that the company is legit. It is best to work with a well-established company and brand, particularly one you or your close friends and family members trust. Some well-known brands that participate in such schemes include:

  • Mary Kay (make-up)
  • Scentsy (candles and scents)
  • Jamberry Nails (nail art and wraps)
  • Avon (make-up)
  • Ann Summers (adult toys)
  • Nikken (health products)
  • Forever Living (health products)
  • Stella and Dot (jewellery)

This list is by no means exhaustive, so do your own research to see what works best for you and your lifestyle.


Working as a freelancer allows you to work on your own time and within the confines of your illness, however it is essential that you have an expertise in some sector. Freelancing is probably best for those who have finished university/college or have been established in their career for a while.

You can pick up freelance work as a writer, decorator, painter and in a variety of other sectors. This can also be expanded to things like blogging in which you can share your opinions with others and earn an income over time. Read up on websites such as Boost Blog Traffic or other similar sites to help you if you’re looking to start a blog.

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