How to Test for Lupus
Ava Meena
Ava Meena
October 29, 2018
A lupus diagnosis is made by a clinical evaluation in combination with lab tests. If you believe you have lupus, here's how to test for lupus.

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Lupus Diet

Easy Ways to Improve Your Diet When You Have Lupus

Eating healthy will not cure lupus, however, following a healthy lupus diet plan is vital to good health and for treating this disease.
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How to Avoid Lupus Weight Gain

How to Avoid Lupus Weight Gain

While it is normal to gain a few pounds due to medications and flare-ups, you should ensure your lupus weight gain doesn’t get out of control.
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Salads for Lupus

Salads for Lupus

Fresh fruits and vegetables are an absolute must for people with lupus, and so salads are a great addition to your diet.
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Smoothies for Lupus

Have You Tried These Smoothies for Lupus?

Smoothies for lupus are a great addition to your diet. What could be easier than throwing a handful of ingredients into a blender and pushing a button?
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Gluten-Free Diet

Gluten Free Diet Benefits

One current diet strategy for those who have lupus is to eliminate wheat and have a gluten-free diet.
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Foods for Lupus

Helpful, Energizing Foods for Lupus

There are numerous foods for lupus that can help fuel energy levels and increase chances of facing the day with a bit more ease and less discomfort.
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