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  • sweetypie6
    Hey everyone I know how hard having Lupus is .But alot of people look at me and thinks why is she not working she looks ok to me .That really makes me mad I have worked ever since I was 15 years old all the way up to the factory where I worked closed down in 2008 I found out I had Lupus in 2004 but worked any ways .But the factory was really good to me about missing on my bad days ., plus I have been through alot I found out my oldest son had osterscroma bone cancer in Sept. 1991 and in Oct. 2 91 was the first day we went to St. Judes Hospital in Memphis Tn then went to Omaha Nebraska where they had to cut his whole right leg off ,his right hip ,and his right butt .This was in 92 they said he was not going to make it but he did . He was only 16 then now he is 42 and has 4 kids and one grand daughter .So Ihave to be strong for my two boys and 6 grandkids and my 2 great grand kids .Thank ya for listening to me i am here if ya need to talk
    January 2017
  • sweetypie6
    Right now I am on hydrocodone for pain and hydrocloclyne for the lupus
    January 2017
  • irene_1985
    Hi. New to here, seems to be the only place to get info. Besides my other lupus family. Drs
    Want or don't have the information I'm looking for. I was wondering what pill your Dr put you on or if physical therapy worked for you?
    January 2015

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