Lupus and Anxiety: A Difficult Combination

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imageLupus and Anxiety: A Difficult Combination

Our writers Brandy and Barbara share their experiences with anxiety and their tips for coping with it.

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  • Thank you for telling your story. I thought I was alone in this. My family thinks I'm losing my mind. I've never had anxieties till now. I'm afraid of things that never ever bothered me before. I think of the most horrendous things and I feel so helpless. Thank you again for sharing your story.
  • Thank you for sharing your experiences and also your ideas on how to deal with anxiety. I also find doctors' appointments to be nerve-wracking. I'm not a meek or timid person but because of bad doctor experiences in the past, I get really concerned that my current/future doctors will treat me poorly and therefore, I don't always stand up for myself. Ugh! God bless!
  • Thank you for sharing your story..It was very useful.
  • Love the imformation !!!

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