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Effects and symptoms of this disease will vary, so developing personalized Lupus therapies for patients is important to get the most effective results.

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  • This is wonderful to hear that this treatment has been developed! Years ago, my Rheumatologist told me about a "new" therapy that would trigger the gene that causes Lupus to "turn off". I started a clinical trial that he headed up, but was unable to continue with it due to personal family circumstances. To think there is finally a way to possibly get off my 25+ meds that I currently am on and to reverse any negative affects that they are doing to my body would be a dream come true! I am going to bring this up with my PC doctor and current Rheumatologist!
  • DNA mapping or sequencing research is being done by several Universities. The Australian National University (ANU), have done some research that idenitfied a mutation of a specific gene that is found in people with lupus/sle. Similar research/studies have been done by a University in Bristol in the United Kingdom. Go online & read/find more information.

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