Lupus rash

I have lupus rash on my face and all over the body. It's almost completely red and painful. When lupus rash appear, I begin to notice fatigue and headaches later. Has anyone used anything that helps it to go away?


  • @emmaow do you have too much sun exposure?
  • I have similar symptoms like you, I get Benlysta infusion every four months and it seems to be helpful for me. Besides, I apply suncreen every day though I only stay at home. For painful and itching sensations, I apply ice packs to ease. Sunlight and food allergies are my triggers of lupus rash. You should listen your body and define what exactly causes your symptoms. Hope you get better soon.
  • @ajane I always apply suncscreen, but I sometimes must go out in the afternoon because of my work. Although I know the sun is the main cause of lupus rash, it's hard to avoid the trigger
  • emmaowemmaow Member
    edited December 2018
    @marrylando thank you so much. I know what my trigger is, but it's uneasy to avoid the trigger. You're lucky to find good treatment for your condition
  • @emmaow you should ask your boss about not going out in the afternoon because the UV rays work strongest from 11am to 3 pm. If you must go out, should carefully apply sunscreen and wear long sleeve clothes and brimmed-hat to reduce sun exposure. Also, don't forget to boost your immune system with healthy diet, extra vitamins, and supplement, such as Lupufree, vitamin D3, vitamin B12 and iron supplement. You should ask your doctor before taking them for sure
  • @emmaow I think you should see your doctor to keep track of the symptoms and be prescribed proper treatment. Lupus is a harsh disease so you need to be patient and think positively

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