deal with fatigue and joint pain

Fatigue and joint pain are more severe when I suffer fom new lupus flare. Although I try to avoid lupus triggers (alcohol, sunlight, unhealthy foods), flare ups still come. Who can share me experience to deal with these symptoms.
Thank you so much!


  • hi marrylando,
    Symptoms of lupus falres are certanily more and more severe. There're lots of triggers of a flare, such as:
    - stress
    - poor diet
    - not getting enough sleep
    - cold and flu
    - alcohol
    - smoking
    - sunlight
    - overdoing
    Are you sure of avoiding all? Do you avoid stress and focus on healthy diet? As I sometimes suffer from lupus flares because of stress and unhealthy lifestyles, I think these might be the causes of your lupus flares
  • @emmaow thanks for your comment. I try to avoid them, but stress is an important trigger that I can't stop. It still finds me though I don't want
  • @marrylando Stress is around you and trigger lupus flares. As I sometimes suffer these symptoms because stress and unhealthy lifestyles, I just wanna share you my experience to deal with them.
    - Choose ideal time to finish tasks. Stress comes when I must finish dealines, so I often choose ideal frame-time to complete them.
    - Get enough sleep. I go to bed at 10 pm and get up at 6.30 a.m
    - Do Tai Chi every morning. Though the exercise is hard at first, it helps me gain energy later
    - Eat healthy foods. Instead of eating packaged and fast foods, I begin to cook healthy meals with lean meat, fish, green leafy vegetables and fruits.
    - Take rest. When I'm tired, I try to take rest
    - Think optimistically. Lupus symptoms actually make me exhausted and hopeless, bad tthinking only worsen my disease, so I must try to think optimistically.
    - Take supplement. I know not all supplements are effective for lupus patients, but I've been taking Lupufree and has good changes.
    Since starting healthy lifestyles, eat healthy foods and take supplement for 2 months, the symptoms are gradually relieved. I'm still keeping them to reduce lupus flares. Hope my experience may be helpful.
  • @emmaow thank you so much- emmaow! Your useful tips may help me more. I often go to bed late and think pessimistically. These actually worsen my symptoms. I even don't focus on vitamins or supplements. Thanks for telling me, I'll love myself much and change lifestyles. Hope they help me relieve the symptoms of lupus
  • @marrylando You can ask your rheumatologist, he or she may give you more helpful tips. I just share my experience, hope above tips help you reduce lupus flares. BE optimistic!

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