lupus flares make me exhausted

Hi, everyone
i've been diagnosed with lupus for nearly 2 years. I was prescribed Prednisone, Plaquenil and Turmeric to cope with the disease. Though they caused hair loss and dry mouth, joint pain and fatigue were relieved. But, recently lupus flares have recurred and make me exhausted. Do stress and lifestyle trigger flares????


  • hi emmaow
    Flares seem to be normal for lupus patients. They may come and go frequently. Stress and unhealthy lifestyle are obviously the main triggers of lupus flares. If you want to reduce flares, you need to avoid them.
    - Try to take rest when you're tired
    - Get enough sleep
    - Reduce stress by doing things you like
    - Do mild exercise
    - Share your troubles with trusted person
    - Eat healthy foods: vegetbales, fruits and omega 3s foods
    Also, you can boost your health by supplements
  • @ajane thanks for your useful tips. I'm trying to exercise and cut down work to reduce stress. They seem to be a little bit hard for me. I also know diet is really important, but I can't eat vegetables like broccoli or spinach. After eating them, I just wanna go to the bathroom to retch. They're my nightmare. So, I wonder should I take supplements to boost my health and which ones work well
  • It's a little pity as vegetable is a great source of minerals and vitamins. If you can't eat them, supplements may be considered. I can't tell which works well for you because supplements are also effective depending each individuals. You may take vitamin b12 complex or iron supplements. My grandmother who has lupus is taking lupufree. I see the supplement works well for her. You may consider your health to choose suitable ones. Hope your disease betters
  • @ajane thanks for your recommendation. Maybe I'll ask my doctor after choosing the best supplement!

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