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  • I am in the hospital now with a flare and will see a rheumatologist for the first time after diagnosis in 2 years! I am scared I'm depressed and I feel like no one understands!
    Tara pettus hot springs Arkansas
  • I was diagnosed young. Went into remission for what felt like forever, but just not long enough. Ive had issues with my kidneys, heart, lungs, tumor surgery and just recently PAIN. like in general. I feel like the tin man in the wizard of Oz needing some oil in the joints. Got diagnosed fibromyalgia but rheumatologist still thinks it's more. Mytosis is ruled out but I'm still wanting to dip myself in a bath of ice. Any suggestions or similar experiences to share with my drs ? Yall, my TOES hurt. This ain't no joke

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