Lupus and College

I am a student at the University of A&T. I was diagnosed with lupus a few months ago. Last semester I had to ask for in completes so i could finish my work during the winter break. Throughout the semester i had a job but kept calling out and had days i couldn't show up for class. A few months ago i was diagnosed and had pericarditis and pleurisy chest pain. My skin started to get sores and my left knee also has sharp pain from time to time. I have recently been diagnosed with four ulcers in my stomach. I have to finish my work during the summer ahead as well. If there are college students out there who are experiencing this or something similar reach out to me.
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    edited August 2017
    @Donnie1 @icwarren i can totally sympathize with what your experiencing. I have been diagnosed with Lupus since 1994 and have been in and out of the hospital over the years several times... Im 54 yrs old and decided to get my degree in nursing! i struggle daily and have migraines and seizures also. This disease is constantly challenging and its very hard to stay on your course when your body changes daily....I just want to encourage you to never ever give up...Keep studying and stay your course! Fight every day and never give in to it... I graduate in 10 weeks and will soon have my degree.....if i can do that , trust me anything is possible. Stay strong and take care of yourself.... remember school is not going anywhere if you need to put it on hold, do so.

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