The Question We’re Afraid to Ask: Can Lupus Be Fatal?

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imageThe Question We’re Afraid to Ask: Can Lupus Be Fatal?

Is lupus fatal? I think we all have moments where we wonder what will happen to us, but it is important to focus on the fight and to keep our faith.

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  • My daughter was ten years old when she died from complications of lupus. At first her symptoms were mild, butterfly rash, swollen joints, fatigue, weight loss. She was put on prednisone for a few months but her immune system became weak and suddenly her lungs started to disease. Within one week of hospitalization she could not breathe and was put on ECMO and intimated. The doctors had no answers to why this happened so quickly and there is no cure or treatment for healing the lungs once they are diseased. She was put on list for double lung transplant but that never came and her heart gave out after four months on ECMO. I hope this never happens to anyone it was a very long painful death and would like to know if this has happened to anyone else young or old

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