trouble sleeping

Hi everyone. I have just signed on and really need some advice on getting enough sleep. I am in a flare with recently diagnosed level 4 kidney disease, with possibly, a recurrence of Graves Disease. Consequently I am on a cocktail of medication to suppress my immune system and deal with the inflammation. I am averaging 3-4 hours sleep a night and find it difficult to sleep during the day. My brain and heart feel like they are going into hyperdrive. I am also very cranky which only revs up my pulse rate. If anyone has any ideas, I would very much appreciate your help. Thanks


  • If u find something that can help u sleep please let me know .Hi Im Mary i found out I had SLP Lupus in 2006 .I have never heard of it .But I can not find anything that can make me go to sleep .Now my hips and legs hurt so bad it keeps me up any ways .The heart dr. got me on Xnnax but they dont help i have tried all sought of sleeping pills over the counter .But I can tell the lupus is getting worse .Do u bruise easy i barely hit my hands and i bruise bad just my hands and arm looks like someone beat me up .looks awful
  • I was diagnosed with lupus in November, though suspect I have had it for years. I too have a huge problem with sleeping , like you only about 3-4 hours a night which in turn means its so hard to function daily! I too have tried all means of things , from melatonin , anti histamines etc. My GP last week restarted me on amitriptyline 10mgs at night and it has made a slight difference. I seem to get so exhausted after countless sleepless nights that I finally crash and end up in my bed for a couple of days when I do nothing but sleep. I have just experienced such a crash ( I ended up with headaches, vertigo and feeling plain awful). For first time I have had to call in sick to work! Its meant to be so important for us lupies to get enough rest but how is that possible when we cannot sleep. I end up going to bed every night after tea even if its just to lie down and read as I am so fatigued!

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