Hello everyone
I am wondering if there is anyone else who has the same issue as I do. I am single and live alone and still manage to work full time for now. I have lupus w/lupus nephritis, I also have some involvement to my respiratory tract, some skin involvement and now also some brain involvement.

My problem is that I am really having an extremely difficult time with housekeeping. It's been going on for quite awhile and I'm just really tired of it. My desire is there! I hate living in chaos and it is so bad you guys--really! It looks like a hoarder house without the hoarding! I just don't know what to do. Each and every weekend, my intention is to spend a least one day to get as much done as I can--do tackle one room at a time and just to make a dent in this mess but I guess after working for the week, I just don't have any energy left.

I can't have company over and I need knew furniture badly but can't order it because when it's delivered, it would just be a disaster! I could just cry sometimes because I just want to be comfortable and am not. I keep trying but just don't know what to do. Please someone, give me some advice or suggestions. Is anyone else in this situation?


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