COMMUNITY QUESTION: I think my 'fibro' might actually be lupus...

Marie asks: 'I'm 43 and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis a few years ago, following a burst appendix I've never recovered from. However I've doubted fibro the past year or so as many of my symptoms seem to be auto immune based than nerve based. Lately I've been getting my hands and joints swelling up ,and my symptoms seem to come in cycles ; when they do I get a sore red rash on my face (constantly told its rosacea and given creams) and constant thrush and ulcerated throats and mouths. Sometimes the ulcers get so bad I've ended up in hospital. A recent blood test flagged up a problem in my auto immune system so they asked me to come back in and do another. That time , when symptoms had died down, apparently the auto immune was fine: I'm seriously starting to think it might be lupus and not fibro but I don't want to bother the doctor again sounding like a hypochondriac! Advice?'

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