Coping with a spouse who files for divorce because "Lupus" was not part of the wife he married.

Does anyone have any words of wisdom on coping with a Narcassist Spouse who never empathized once with a wife who had to leave a very successful career she worked so hard for, was a 50/50 earner and a active Mom? He lost all respect for me as I was forced to leave with a severe diagnosis of SLE, Fibro, Raynuads and Sjogrens. Hospitalized, abnormal heart everything and zero support from my husband. He left me 3 yrs ago (prior to diagnosis thinking I was a hypochondriac.) We reconciled and I was diagnosed 6 months later. My amazing 11 yr old son has had to care for me during the worst of times and I was ordered off work as my medications were not working and more invasive meds needed to be used. Now 3 yrs later, and stressed everyday that my husband would again walk (signs appeared again after only 1 yr of what seemed like progress ) and he filed this time for good. Truthfully, he had no intention on working things out. Only getting affairs in order and cleaning up investment properties, etc. So sorry for the long story. I just moved into a townhouse. I did get 60/40 custody and appealing disability which God willing will go through. Any shared circumstances and advice would be so very appreciative?


  • Hi,
    I know this sounds like a cliché but you are better off without him. Lupus is worstened by stress and if he's not going to assist in you recovery than he should go. Do you have family members that you can lean on? I know that sometimes ( at least for me ) we try to be strong but you should gather your close friends and family around and be honest about your disease and how you need their support to help you through this difficult time.
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