Lupus and Winter Loneliness

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Lupus article: Lupus and Winter LonelinessLupus and Winter Loneliness

"I am about to enter what I call lupus hibernation — it can be very lonely," writes Barbara on winter loneliness and how to fight against it.

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  • beabea Member
    Hello my name is Bea. and I was diagnosed with Lupus and fibromyalgia several autoimmune diseases 2 years ago. I really don't understand to much of lupus but I'm learning little by little reading all these little articles. what I do know it involves lots of pain and fatigue sometimes I don't even know what to do where to run if I could run.. what this articleI think I'll be prepared for next winter this winter was very hard for me lots of pain..anyway I don't like to comment or say anything cuz I think anything I say is stupid. but I said to myself I need to start somewhere, someone out there might be able to help me understand this a little bit more. I'm so tired of doing it all by myself. my little family got tired of hearing me I'm in pain don't feel good so little by little they stop coming around its okay I'm always tired anyway I just miss my grandchildren.. so anybody out there might be able to help me understand at least just to text.. I'm so confused.. thank you

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