Understanding the Different Types of Lupus

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Lupus article: Understanding the Different Types of LupusUnderstanding the Different Types of Lupus

Although SLE is the most common, there are actually several different types of lupus, some of which can occur in tandem.

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  • All these symptoms you describe are all the same symptoms of LYME DISEASE. Maybe someone should verify all blood test with a Lab that actually does LYME DISEASE testing correctly instead of leaving humans to suffer the pharmaceuticals damage from their life long hook in them.. I would bet 40% of people diagnosed with Lupus as I was really have LYME DISEASE.
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    Thanks for writing this Brandy! I had a horrible case of mono & strep when I was 15 years old. I actually missed the last 6 weeks of school because I was so sick. I was never the same again. I began having weird pain all over for no apparent reason & would sunburn very easily. Then in my early 20's I had very difficult pregnancies & lost 2 babies with no explanation. The pain continued to escalate & now headaches & fatigue have taken over. Yet, I am the first to be diagnosed with SLE and not until I was 38 did they finally figure it out. So I agree with your theory & hope that someone does a study soon!! I hope you are doing OK & still pray for you often. Don't give up! Christina

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