Lupus and X-Rays

Hi everyone! I am new to this forum and actually have been very private about my lupus. However, I feel compelled to warn other people with lupus to take caution when getting x-rays. Approx 6 mos ago, I went to my dentist for a routine cleaning, told my hygienist about some sensitivity of one of my front teeth. She took some x-rays using a digital device pointing down toward my chest. She did have some difficulty getting a good picture so she took several of that particular angle and the other typical routine views. I was not covered by any kind of lead apron. That day I had tingling in my lower jaw, neck and chest, all areas in the path of the radadiation. I didn't put it together that it could be related to the x-rays until that evening, I have had x-rays in the past with no issues at all. Long story short, it is 6 months later and I am still trying to recover from the flare that ensued. I have not been this ill since my initial diagnosis over 10 years ago. My Dr feels the radiation from the x-rays acted like an exaggerated sun exposure and triggered a flare.

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