COMMUNITY QUESTION: Natural tips for coping with fatigue?

AlyssaWinegardenAlyssaWinegarden New Life Outlook
Courtney asks: 'I have recently decided to forgo and medication for lupus. I seemed to have better luck and less side effects when not taking any medication. I feel like if I didn't have any obligations I would sleep 24/7. The last few weekends my husband has been letting me sleep in. I slept till 1pm without ever waking up after going to bed at 9pm. Any ideas on how to curb me needing to sleep a crazy amount of time. Does the colder weather seem to exasperate this with everyone? Any tips or tricks would be very much appreciated. I really want to steer clear of any of not all medications.'


  • Hot weather fatigues me more than cold weather. I don't know how to manage the fatigue, I just sleep a lot. I'm not on any medication specifically for lupus.

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