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Lupus article: My Story: Vernice SimsMy Story: Vernice Sims

I was feeling tired all the time, and my hands started to hurt so bad I couldn’t sleep at night because of the pain.

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  • I have lived with lupus and other autoimmune issues unofficially since 1982. I was officially diagnosed with lupus, RA, Raynauds, MCTD, Sjogrens, and Fibromyalgia in January 1992. At that time I was told I had a 40% chance of living 5 more years! By the grace of God, and all that lupus has taken my life through, I live a full, productive, gratefully blessed life today working as a hospice chaplain and as an artist. Getting Lupus and enduring all the pain, suffering, losses, changes, and new open doors actually has blessed my life to bring me to where I am today. I pray for all people who struggle with this cruel, punishing and unpredictable disease, that we would be blessed with strength, healing, companionship, support, wisdom, guidance, love and Gods peace which transcends all understanding. :):):)
  • I was diagnosed 16 years ago with SLE. Devastated, I most certainly went through a grief process realizing I would never be today what I was yesterday. I eventually came to terms with my diagnosis through prayer and asked God to help me to see purpose for my pain. I did not want to stand before Him someday only to hear Him say 'I allowed it for this reason and this is what you were supposed to do with it'. I am involved in a singing ministry with my husband and my mother and although my talent is definitely not singing, God has opened doors for me to witness to others who are hurting. I also reach out to others where I work (doctor's office) and my rheumatologist gives me phone numbers of people he would like me to call and encourage. I give all glory to God for the work He does in my life!

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