Lupus Aggravations We All Know Too Well

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Lupus article: Lupus Aggravations We All Know Too WellLupus Aggravations We All Know Too Well

When you suffer with a chronic disease, it's hard to remain positive. Here are the top five lupus aggravations we all face and are too familiar with.

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  • Thank you, that was helpful. I have mild case right now, but get incredible tired when I over do things and brain fog is horrible!
  • Hello everyone my name is Shanell I have suffered with chronic illness since the age of 21 I am now 51 and was diagnosed with Lupus 3 years ago . It's is just a mean disease. I would love to find a support group in my area . I just stay positive and do things when I'm having a good day. HUGS TO YOU ALL XOXOXO
  • @Judy I know it so not fair I just don't understand how I raised two great kids however thank God they are so supportive.

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