Community Pneumonia

Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone else has had a bout of Pneumonia and how long did it take you to recover and recuperate ? I'm in week 3 of recovery and although my chest is better, it's still very sensitive and I'm completely exhausted. Not only that, but my chest is sore intermittently and I get cramps in my throat area. Chest still feels very raw. The whole digestive system seems to have been affected. I'm on Cell Cept, Plaquenil, Aspirin Prednisolone and Furisomide (for fluid retention). I've started taking a vitamin tonic Pharmaton but I'm still exhausted. Are there any other people that have had a similar experience and how did you cope and build your energy up? Am I being too impatient, expecting to be better after 3 weeks? Would love some advice and a discussion on recovery process. Also I have Lupus and Sjogrens etc. Anyone else? Thanks!!

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