Understanding and Managing Lupus Psychosis

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Lupus article: Understanding and Managing Lupus PsychosisUnderstanding and Managing Lupus Psychosis

"What does psychosis have to do with lupus? Well, a lot more than you may realize," writes Brandy on her personal experience with lupus psychosis.

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  • The irrational thought that something is ALWAYS bad! Headaches, speech difficulties and neglect important things...you have no idea how happy I was to read this! I know that sounds bad but it's like your brain has been hijacked and you know you SHOULD be doing something but you CAN'T. Thank you for this article!
  • Excellent article!
  • Now I know and understands what's happening to me sometimes , I actually thought I was losing my mind and so has family members I'm sure . Learn something new everyday !
  • Thank you for putting this out there. I actually worked for twenty years caring for mentally ill children and adults inside locked psychiatric hospitals.

    I had been very sick with cancer and then got a lethal infection inside the area that they had removed the cancer..

    I was reopened and had to be left open (from the end of the back of my neck all the way to just above my waist). The point of mentioning that is to explain why I was placed on very heavy pain medication. This entire process would take a little more than four months. As never have taken any medication like that before , when it came time to stop it I was told I couldn't just stop it all at once. So because I couldn't imagine what a big deal it could be I tried to stop it faster than the plan.. I thought I was going to die! I couldn't believe there is medication that you are stuck having to take even though you are done and have no need for it.. Because I'm always about letting close family and friends know about new and interesting things I talked about this issue of how physically addicting it was.. So suddenly people started to question me and accuse me of being a drug addict! After getting back on track with my doctor and after three months I was finally off.. This is when my nightmare begins, I will try to cut down how much I write, my sister's husband suddenly passed away, so being the kind of sister I am I drove from California to Nevada within hours of the news.. I spent three months helping her and as I kept going day by day started getting difficult. And the normal 6-8hr drive home actually took me three days! When I woke the next morning at my home I had to call an ambulance! I thought my neck was broken! Without any physical trauma I had totally pinched a nerve on each side of the disc in my neck also the disc above it and several below it were severely herniated! Because I had been labeled as a drug addict per the physical withdrawals I talked about, I would have to suffer for days.. So I will skip all the awful stuff in between, of course I ended on narcotic pain medication as its a very painful injury.. I started to lose my ability to read letters on the computer no matter how large I made the words! Then my nasal septum deviated in my sleep actually awakened me with a jolting pop sound! So I started to think something was inside my nose so I found a tiny camera and tried to see it.. This nightmare became much much worse.. I unfortunately suffered like that for almost four straight years! And because my family and close friends had decided I suddenly wanted to take drugs for the fun of it when I had cancer, they all said I was doing it to myself. I somehow chose to go from a very high functioning full time employee and attended college full time on the Deans list status ect..
    Towards the end I was having to wear diapers, use a wheelchair, use oxygen, couldn't shower and I was taking so much prednisone I was extremely swollen.. I've finally made it through that and when I could finally take the actual lupus medication and within two weeks I had my mind back! I was so happy and excited that I wasn't going to be mentally ill for the rest of my life! I'm finally able to speak normal and I'm now working on mending all the broken that had occurred.. And the stuff you'd mention about your symptoms and experiences I too have had the same almost looked like I was reading about me.. So don't give up and keep fighting.. Thank you
    And I hope I don't ever get like that again, I'm blessed to be able to recognise the signs so I'm not scared anymore.. So wordy..lol

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