Lupus, Unhealthy Relationships and Divorce

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Lupus article: Lupus, Unhealthy Relationships and DivorceLupus, Unhealthy Relationships and Divorce

Though they are in a relationship, they are dealing with their lupus in isolation, pushing through their challenges and pain alone.

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  • Wow, I could be this author. I was in that same relationship. Spent years being mentally and emotionally abused. It's eight years now for me after 29 of living with my husband, believing it's what I had to do. I hated to break my vows, but when he would be in a fit of anger and yell he was done and wanted a divorce, I was broken. Luckily my faith , friends and two grown sons supported me. As well as my siblings and parents. I say keep the faith, do what you can and keep your life stress free! <3. .
  • I had many years of schooling and received a professional degree. I became sick. Doctors thought it was auto-immune disease. After 15 years Lupus is the diagnosis. I worked harder than three people. The Lupus attacked my kidney, liver and for a while I did not know if I would make it. I still took care of everything until recently. Too many TIA"s and age has slowed me down, My wife filed for divorce because I cannot do as much as I did and am not useful. My wife focused only on her career. My young adult teenagers stay at the house as she moved ot and took every penny from the bank accounts. Abuse occurs by women too. Probably more. Men just do not talk about it.

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