COMMUNITY QUESTION: How do you overcome lupus-related cognitive issues?

AlyssaWinegardenAlyssaWinegarden New Life Outlook
Community member Brittany asks: 'I just turned 22 and my thinking problems are worse than ever. For example, if I'm in a store I have no idea what to get or what even makes up a good meal. I feel like a little kid.

Please tell me someone else has lost their way of thinking. Any advice is appreciated.'


  • @AlyssaWinegarden I write EVERYTHING down, as soon as I think of it. I have a shopping list, as soon as I'm low on something I add it to the list. I keep a calendar with all my appointments on. I keep a list of what I have to do in the house. At night, if I think of something I have to do, I keep a pen and pad on my night stand I write it down. It has worked beautiful. Just don't ask me what anybody's name is. :) Good Luck, You will get through.
  • I know EXCATLY what your going through! I can go to the kitchen and than totaly forget why I went in there! For the times I go to stores I try to make a list...doesn't always work but at least you get most of what you need. But I have found keeping a pad and pen close to the phone seems to help me to remember to write down what I need to buy. Seems when I'm talking to my friends they trigger something in my brain (I have advance Lupus in my brain with severe scaring).
    As far as planing your meals do it in advance. Some fish, salad and wild rice with some vegetables. The next day could be a piece of meat with a pasta side dish with some of the wild rice from the night before and salad. Oh yeah and don't forget your fruit!!
    Hopes this helps....Xarion
  • @AlyssaWinegarden hi there, I'm really sorry for what you are experiencing but I can definitely relate! Have you ever had neuropsych testing done? That can tell you and your Dr if there any deficits as far as your cognitive issues go. I had my first set of tests done about two years or so after I was diagnosed and then I had them done again and I think it was 2012 and I will have them done again later this year. The previous two times I had them done there was noted change as I expect there will be this time as well. Mine has gotten really really bad and I had an MRI done and they discovered I have a lot of brain lesions and when I say a lot I mean a lot like those too if not over 100 of them. I had a spinal tap done about 2 weeks ago where I did have extra fluid or pressure as they call it they drain that off but they don't know why I had it or why I have so many lesions. I'm thinking the lesions cause intracranial pressure but I'm still waiting to hear back from my doctors for some answers. But that many lesions definitely has a lot to do with my cognitive issues and so far with my rheumatologist has done is to put me on in your and in the hopes that that will prevent any more from forming but they don't know that that will do it it's just something they're trying. It's also frustrating but I would suggest you start like I did with a neuropsych testing and then ask if you can have an MRI of your brain and go from there. Good luck to you!
  • brunobruno Member
    Add Omega 3's and essential fatty acids to your diet. Flaxseed, fish oil, bee pollen, Hempseed oil, borage oil, cocounut oil cook with.
  • Hi I too have cognitive problems which they think is likely due to Lupus , am awaiting an MRI scan of brain and cervical and lumbar spine to check for lupus and to rule out MS. I get this on Saturday so hopefully not long now in finding out. It can be very frustrating though , especially at work when I struggle most cognitively! I tend to keep lists of all tasks I need to do ! I never used to have problems recalling names , words etc but now its seems increasing problematic!@AlyssaWinegarden
  • gma07gma07 Member
    @AlyssaWinegarden , same here.

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