Astragalus and Lupus

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  • It took my mom a long time to really understand how truly ill I am. She was one of those people who constantly tried to give me advice like, get out of bed, take a walk, get some air, or drink more water. At first, I almost killed myself to try to live up to others' expectations, until I no longer had the strength to even get out of bed. After that, I told everyone to go to hell and that I didn't care about anyone else but making myself better. I started saying NO to family affairs, parties, extra tutoring, etc. I took a leave of absence from work and my mom and husband both finally started to understand how lupus was affecting me. I lost a lot of friends but I no longer care. People are ignorant of their own choosing because if they really cared, a person could just google the illness. I may be sick but I no longer care what people think about it and it has taken a great burden off my shoulders.
  • I understand how you are feeling. It's hard for them to understand when there is nothing to see on the outside of our bodies. Well except for this annoying facial rash. Guess some just think I have an acne problem lol. But it's not. When friends and family started hearing I was having infusions and started taking a chemo drug they started to pay more attention. I also posted things on my FB page during Lupus awareness month everyday and they read them and actually posted to them saying they had no idea etc. Hi Claudia, I'm Diana and I can be your friend and know and feel for you. :) @Claudia

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