Top NLO Lupus Articles of 2014

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Lupus article: Top NLO Lupus Articles of 2014Top NLO Lupus Articles of 2014

The most popular New Life Outlook lupus articles of 2014, as chosen by our Facebook fans.

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  • That first paragraph could have been written by me as it describes my last couple of years . I had to come off Plaquenil after 30 yrs of being on it as I developed the Retinal Toxicity that only affects 1% of patients on Plaquenil . At times,the fatigue was so overwhelming. Trying to keep my job, keep up with household chores and forget anything social as there are days I can't get out of bed before 9-10 am . . . Very frustrating . But I am very grateful for the good 30 years I had on the Plaquenil and all that I was able to accomplish including 35 year nursing career. Lu Vigneaux

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