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Lupus article: Walk to End LupusWalk to End Lupus

Taking part in a 'Walk to End Lupus Now' is a great way to raise awareness, money for research, and to make connections with your fellow Lupies.

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  • Last fall I had to move two states over to live with my dad who is 83 and has cancer, because I was just too sick myself to work or do anything. I started working in March because my dad can't support me financially. Do I feel like working? Not really. It does help to get out, though. Most recently I've had a bout of vertigo on top of the lupus. Vertigo is totally incapacitating. I've missed work and feel generally light-headed and dizzy all the time. I want to get back to my life where I lived in the same state I was born in. I know few people out here, and really don't care to make new friends. Not only has the transition to live with my dad been hard, but my two sons don't want to hear about my health, and they've even influenced my dad's opinion of my having lupus. They act like I am malingering and trying to get sympathy. It's like fighting an uphill battle and I don't have the weapons needed for any fight.

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