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Lupus article: My Story: Tammy RosalesMy Story: Tammy Rosales

I had been to several doctors that diagnosed me with chronic fatigue syndrome, just worn down, depression etc. Not one of them tested me for lupus.

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  • I had test run and they said traces of lupus. Had me take a second blood test and said not lupus. Has anyone ever heard of traces then say not? If there is traces then you have it. I have all the symptoms of SLE lupus, I do not have skin rashes though. I also have fibromyalgia. I believe to say I don't have lupus after all the signs says I do, I do. I'm so fatigued I want to sleep all the time. I hurt in my joints and muscles. Blood clotting, anxiety, sensitivity to sun, headache, miagraine, ulcers in mouth, brain fog, I'm losing ability to think of my words or to remember. Hair loss, weight gain, heartburn, anxiety, dry eyes, sick to stomach, the list goes on and on and I know this is the one thing I have studied that points to me. I believe my doctor is wrong. The fatigue is so hard to deal with, I want to be active but tire in no time. I'm not depressed but saddened at how bad I always feel.
  • Juliann, sounds like you have enough symptoms to say yes. Some Drs only go by the most recent labs only and don't consider the symptoms. I think most of us had to go through several Drs before finding the right one. A rheumatologist could be very helpful.

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