Parenting with Lupus

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Lupus article: Parenting with LupusParenting with Lupus

Children need to feel cherished, safe and supported, but lupus presents challenges. The key to parenting with lupus is balancing guilt and endurance.

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  • My situation is definitely unique. I am not a single mother per day. However, I don't have a partner that REALLY understands the difficulties I face. Along with that I have a stepdaughter who had her own issues making my job even more difficult. My daughter is 2 and is probably more helpful than everyone else combined. I really feel like the people around me either feel that this is fake and I should suck it up or quitethe opposite that I'm so sick I shouldn't do anything. How do I find a happy medium and get those around me to understand that just because yesterday was REALLY hard doesn't mean tomorrow may not be a little better and that I may need more or less assistance depending?
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    @lmnw2001 thanks so much for reaching out. That really is a tough situation, unfortunately it's hard for people to understand unless they experience it themselves! These articles might be a helpful read for you and your family:

    I hope this helps!

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