Lupus and tattoos

Hi guys! I'm thinking about getting a tattoo on my right left shoulder that is of a wolf to represent my struggles with Lupus. That I am strong like a wolf, not weak because of this disease. What are your experiences/thoughts with tattoos and having lupus? This will be my first one.


  • @conniexy I would love to hear a reply on this question too. I don't have a belly button due to several surgeries and would love to have a very small butterfly tattoo in its place. I've never had a tattoo before so I'm quite nervous. I've also had a kidney transplant and thought it would be neat to have a small kidney outline where my kidney is now. It's right in front below bikini line. I really don't have money to spend on tattoos but it sure would like to have a belly button and let paramedics and drs know of my transplant. I wear a wonderful feminine stainless steel med ID bracelet with everything listed on back, lupus, diabetic, kidney transplant, gastric bypass and my name is black lasered on the front with the medic alert sign. I highly recommend these for anyone that has health problems. They have all different types and styles to choose from. I got mine at or just Google very inexpensive and great quality. I've been wearing mine for 2 years and it still looks as good as the day I got it.
  • MrsKimMrsKim Member
    @conniexy I have a 5 tattoos, all with no problem except for one. The most recent tattoo I got, it doesn't want to stay... My skin keeps pushing out the ink and it wont stop itching. It has been over a year. The others are fine.
  • I have a question for everyone I used to get in our pool well then the dr. told me to stay out of the sun I love been outside and so I sold our pool but now I am so pale looking instead of having a tan .I want to go to a tanning bed I know its bad but its not in the sun its self .What do ya think

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