To Date Or Not To Date?

ErikanicoleErikanicole Member
edited April 2015 in Lifestyle
Hello Lupus Community. Does anyone else experience Lupus guilt when it comes to getting personally involved with someone who is interested in you? Do you already feel like you are hurting the people in your family so you don't want to add to the number of people you will be letting down or disappointing by having any more intimately close relationships? Do you believe there couldn't possibly be anyone out there who can deal with all that we go through on a long term basis so why even go there? Why add to your already stressful life by having failed relationships too? Right? Well I feel that way and would love to hear some advice and insight into this and how others have dealt with it and possibly overcome this. It's one thing to get sick AFTER you are in a relationship or already dating someone who knows you and has bonded with you. It's whole other thing to START dating and have to deal with reactions of a new person finding out that you don't feel as good as you look so time spent with you will often be very different than time spent someone who does not have Lupus. I would really like to hear from someone who has experienced this. It's getting kind of hard to keep saying that I don't date when asked out or when the subject comes up.


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