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Lupus article: My Story: Connie YangMy Story: Connie Yang

After recovering, I was able to find a new job and start new. About six months later I started experiencing completely different symptoms.

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  • Thank you everyone! I continue to be inspired everyday by the strength in this community. :)
  • Thank you for your story Connie! I don't want it to define me as well :-) keep the faith and travel on sister!
  • Your story is just like mine except I fell sick while I was doing my Masters. The only issue now is the delay in completing my studies. Otherwise I am very open about my condition. my then boyfriend knew of my condition and now we are happily married for a year and a half.
  • @Kanchan That's awesome! When you do get your Masters it will be that much sweeter because you know that you have worked hard for it. :) Good luck! you sound very motivated.
  • @tammyrosales Thank you so much for the support! It's hard having Lupus but yes not letting it define us is the best thing we can do for ourselves.

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