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Lupus article: Lupus Tummy TroublesLupus Tummy Troubles

When tummy troubles arise, the underlying reason may be the furthest thing from you mind – at least that is true in my case. I just want relief!

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  • I have had stomach and digestional track issues for almost all of the 30 years I've been living with Lupus. Most of your suggestions are great. I would say though that while you dislike taking a prescription daily for your stomach issues, I've found that getting and keeping the acid in your GI track under control may help with your lingering nausea. I didn't want to take another pill as a young girl and so hid the massive problems I was having with my stomach for years, which has resulted in much scar tissue in my esophagus which needs to be stretched out frequently. Not fun. I'm not saying that will happen to you, it's just an example of what can happen if you're not honest about what's going on in your stomach, both with yourself and your doctor!
  • I was diagnosed with Lupus nearly 30 yrs ago. But it was'nt until after I had chemotherapy 13 yrs ago that my tummy problems started. I have almost constant nausea acompanied with frequent bloating and horrible gas. Often it is joined by diarehha and intestinal cramping. My gastroenterologist has done every test and exam he knows off to no avail. I take phenegran but helps little. Now I have been diagnosed with Sjogrens Syndrome. We always thought the chemo had caused mt tummy troubles but after reading this article I am wondering. ???? Any suggestions are welcome as i am also sick of being sick.
  • BevBev Member
    Lupus and crohns here its miserable. Sigh
  • BevBev Member
    Also she says Irritable bowel disease then wrote (IBS) Irritable Bowel diseases (IBD) is not the same as irritable Bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • sherriesherrie New Life Outlook
    Oops, you are correct @Bev. We'll find out which one Brandy meant and get that corrected. :)
  • I was told this past year my itching..rash, and red face and hands was Lupus of the skin. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy! My head would get spots that were sore to touch, ears would burn, neck and arms feel like they were on fire when exposed to the sun! I just can't imagine having systemic lupus! I Do suspect It is leading into this because of the stomach problems I have..and having a problem controlling my blood pressure. For last couple of months I have had a problem with pressure in my neck and head with a loss of hearing in arhythms of my heart beat after being seated for a period of time and standing! Has any of you Lupus sufferers experienced this???

  • Lupus patients are prone to other autoimmune issues as well. Easinophil Esophagitis, Celiac, Microscopic Colits.
    Super fun.
  • I recently started Acupunture for pain relief but have found that a wonderful "side affect" has been some relief of constipation. I also take one stool softener daily. I start the morning out with a warm cup of herbal tea to relax my esophagus. Then I make a homemade vegetable, leafy greens, fruit and non dairy, non gluten high protein powder drink. This has become the highlight of my day, I am not sure that I have made the same mixture twice. I also grow as much of all that goes in my drink as possible, whether it is frozen from the previous summer, grown in my spouter, or in my mini green house. I grow as many NON GMO, heritage, organic foods as possible.
  • @Mishishshell I had my first colonoscopy at age eleven, had stomach problems from age three due to gluten and lactose intolerance.due to my fathers military service I received multiple immuzations when I was only two ( six vaccines a day every four or five days for three weeks so we could go to Europe in the mid 1950s) I started taking the purple pill (Prilosec) when it first came out and then progressed to Nexium. It has caused or added to my degenerative disc (I have Roto-scoliosis that was diagnosed at age 11, but My father was in the Air Force and was told that it would not be treated as it was only cosmetic )and joint disease so I now take a mixture of Ginger, turmeric and papaya, (I did discuss this with my gastroentronologist before) but after having Three Cervical, eight thoracic, lumbar, sacral surgeries, four different sets of roddings, five diaphragm repairs, five right shoulder repairs and finally a total right joint replacement, a right knee ACL, LCL & miniscus repair, a pacemaker and replacement at five years, multiple ablastions and cardio versions, two procedures to remove bundles of S.A. Nodes that were growing into my Aortic Artery and numerous other procedures, almost fifty major surgical procedures in the last 20 years. I take as few man made Pharmaceuticals as possible.

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