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Hello All! This is my first post to NewLifeOutlook and I am just writing from personal preference and experience, in hopes to helping you all as well.

About 6 years ago I changed my diet to Gluten-Free. This was the first allergen I eliminated from my diet and it was the most effective. As a younger child, I was very lethargic and couldn't stay awake for an entire day of school. I would have terrible migraines that required 3+ hours of sleep to get them to go away.

When I changed to Gluten-Free my energy levels shot up and my migraines never returned (Migraine free for 5 years!). My mother noticed one day when she picked me up from school, saying that I spoke more. I had the energy to talk about my day and classes.

Later months I had extensive blood tests which indicated I was allergic to corn, soy, nitrates (meats), dairy and eggs (recently). It was a terrible shock and a large adjustment, but I have managed to work with it.

In addition to refraining from eating the above allergens, I have switched to non-GMO foods and grass fed meats. I know it is difficult to cut out foods you enjoy, but if getting up in the morning without pain is rewarding enough, you can do it.

If you have any questions or need any advice on recipes, cravings, etc. feel free to email me at the address on my account.

Good luck! :)


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