Lupus and Thyroid Disease

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Lupus article: Lupus and Thyroid DiseaseLupus and Thyroid Disease

"It seems these autoimmune diseases travel in packs… just like a wolf." Barbara discusses lupus and thyroid problems, and her recent Hashimoto's diagnosis.

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  • Hi I have been diagnosed with lupus for 6 yrs & about a year and a half ago autoimmune thyroiditis. I am taking bio identical thyroid to help combat this. Does anyone else out there take bio identicals to help keep hormone levels in check?
  • @terriw I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's back in 1990 and was prescribed Synthroid. For many years I discussed with several doctors that I felt the Synthroid wasn't doing me any good. Finally in 2006, I found a doctor who specializes in thyroid and other hormones. On their website I had read about a reverse T3 thyroid condition which often accompanies Hashimoto's. What I read made sense to me and I immediately knew I had the reverse T3 condition. I saw this doctor, had blood tests done, was diagnosed and then prescribed a time released bioidentical T3 thyroid medicine. Within only a few weeks of taking the bioidentical T3, I started sprouting new hair all over my scalp. My hair continued to grow and it became shiny and healthy again. No more dry, brittle split ends, and thinning hair! I also was able to start setting my thermostat at a more normal 74° instead of having it set at 86° year round so that I can stay warm. No more getting sickly if someone hugged me at church or if I talked to a friend in the night air for 10 minutes. My ulcerative colitis, which had been extremely active, went into remission within a few months of taking the bioidentical T3. I used to have to take 9 caplets of 400mg Azacol everyday (3 X 400mg with every meal) in order to keep from running to the bathroom. Within 2 months of taking the bioidentical T3 I noticed the ulcerative colitis getting significantly better and after a couple more months I started reducing the Azacol until I no longer took Azacol. Currently my ulcerative colitis has been in remission since July 2007 with no more medication for the ulcerative colitis. Most gastrointerologists would expect me to have colon cancer by now(within 10 years of ulcerative colitis diagnosis) but I don't even worry about that anymore. My current G.I. doctor has never had another patient go into remission with ulcerative colitis. Needless to say, I'm a believer of the bioidentical T3. Many doctors will argue that it is not good to take T3 instead of T4 because T3 theoretically will weaken your thyroid gland and eventually shut it down. I've found this not only to be untrue, but actually quite the opposite of what had happened in real life with me. Initially my doctor had to increase my T3 intake up to 200mcg before my blood showed the proper levels. I was on that dose for 6 months and then reduced to 175mcg. After another 6 months I was dropped to 150mcg. 150mcg showed in my blood work to be the proper level until summer 2010. I was diagnosed with lupus in 2009 and I started taking plaquinel in October 2009. After several months on plaquinel, my thyroid glad got stronger yet again and my thyroid medicine was reduced to 125mcg. Since then I have fluctuated a few times back and forth between 112mcg and 125mcg. At the same time I was diagnosed with the reverse T3 condition, I was also diagnosed with Addison's disease and prescribed a bioidentical cortisol for that. Likewise, my adrenal glands have also gotten stronger over the years and we have been able to reduce those meds as well. I was sleeping 20-22 hours a day, literally by the time I saw this doctor. Within a few months of being on these meds my sleep time reduced to 14-16 hours. My sleep time reduced again after I was diagnosed with lupus and put on plaquinel. When I was checked for reverse T3 my doctor also found that I had severe clotting disorders due to my metabolism being so low for so many years. Once we got my blood back to a normal viscosity my viscosity has stayed normalized since 2008. I am extremely sold on the bioidentical meds. So much so that I now fly cross country every 18 months so that I can continue these meds under the watchful eye of that same doctor. He orders blood labs every 3-4 months and we do telephone appointments each time he gets lab results. I have to see him in person every so often so that he can continue my treatments. I had to sell my home in Los Angeles in 2008 since I wasn't working anymore and I moved to the east coast where it is cheaper to live.
  • Great article, Barbara! I too have this lovely lupus companion and have to take synthroid every morning! They actually discovered my hashimotos before my lupus, but it was beneficial for getting to the root of the problem.
  • Hello everybody,
    I have been officially (that's what I mean officially) with severe Lupus and Sjogrens. I have too many complications to mention and I won't. During my diagnosis with biopsies and tests etc. I found a lump on my Thyroid. With Sjogrens (dry mouth etc.) I am unable to quaff a delicious cake otherwise I would choke. I have to have water with everything and that really spoils the luxury. Has there anyone who has had a negative with a needle biopsy and bloodwork that still is gaining wait and not overeating, I really have no appetite on many occasions and often nauseated by food. I do not have bad heath practices. I am at a loss. ( I do enjoy an alcoholic drink or two or even three, but I have done that all my life. I just believe if my metabolism would speed up , I would lose the excess weight that my medications (Drs tell that is the cause) to put on weight. I don't believe them.
    The list of my illnesses go on forever.
    Please help me or if you have experienced the same let me know. I immediate family think I am just plain irresponsible and lazy. I have done al I can for them over so many years I can't count. Short memories they have. I have sent an open letter to family and friends to explain Lupus and Sjogrens, but need to know more on Thyroid.
    Thank you for listening and I await in anticipation that I am not an alien
  • Thank you @BrandyOstler
  • I didn't go into detail. I am in Australia and the break-throughs you are having in North America are astounding. I applaud the medics that are on the case. I have been admitted on several occasions with Lupus meningitis, twice in on year. They have heard the word lupus but never sjogrens. No wonder I am a nervous wreck. I left a major hospital once that attempted on no less than 12 occasions to give me a lumbar puncture. (Spine tap) Failure. I knew I needed major pain relief went into the usual coma. When I came out of the coma I packed my bags, checked myself out and went home. No medical staff were any the wiser on my condition but were pleased to see me go. Doesn't give me much hop in Australia. I need to get to the US. @BedfordButterfly
  • This article is about me too. I have experienced so much with autoimmune disorders. I just want my body back.

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