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Lupus article: Taking Lupus MedicationTaking Lupus Medication

Taking drugs for lupus can be something of a necessary evil. Anna shares her experience with three common types of lupus medication and their side effects.

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  • Do you have problems with hair loss from taking the plaquenil and or prednisone?
  • I was on all three Medications. Prednisone did the most damage to me.My bones and my teeth. I had to get all top,teeth pulled because of the damage. I stop taking all of My arthritis Meds the only thing I take is pain meds. None If the meds didn't stop my flare ups and joint pain so why take all of this stuff if I'm still in pain. I really feel better now, I have my good days and my bad days....
  • @Red97 no my hair is actually growing..
  • Thanks to cannabis oil high in CBD I'm able to be off all Lupus meds
  • LisaLisa Member
    @AngieLupusLife How long have you been using this and do you really think it works? And how much how often do you use it? Honestly I have been researching this and just purchased some two days ago. I would really like to hear your experience. Thanks

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