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Lupus article: My Story: Kimberly JamesMy Story: Kimberly James

I was 20 years old when I was diagnosed. I felt old and I was always tired.Lupus hasn't stopped me from living, it just causes me to think, listen and pray.

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  • I have lupus and I can truly understand how you all feel,we all have someone in common I see so far GOD and the same mentality striving for what's ahead for us and not going out without a fight!!!Lets keep the faith and strive for all GOD has for us!!!!
  • goodygoody Member
    im 62 yrs old with have lupus/diabetis /tyroid/hearth/ wow and tru the grace off god im here walk my dog from 3rd floor 4 time a day so hard at times but i has to keep going since im all by myself with my dog/cat by god has my back ........

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