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Lupus article: Dealing With Heel PainDealing With Heel Pain

One probable cause of lupus heel pain is lupus-induced plantar fasciitis, which is the result of inflammation. Barbara shares her tips for easing the pain.

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  • I do well with these diagnosed chronic illnesses: SLE, RAYNAUDS , and SJORENS meaning no major flares for many years. However, for the past few months, the everyday knee pain is getting worse with the additional back and shoulder pain that keeps me up then wakes me up and I can't bear to lay on my arms, any one experiencing this pain, any suggestions? Ps what is this foot pain 1st thing in the morning when your feet touches the floor and sometimes lasts for hours???
  • Plenty of people have chronic foot problems BUT I think due to the inflammatory process we are more susceptible and have a much harder time fixing the problem. I really was happy to see this post because I have been suffering. I just had surgery for the plantar faciitis and now have neuromas in both feet. I have asked both doctors of there is a connection and they look at me like I'm an alien. I have done far more than the average person to try to fix the conditions myself. I don't usually respond to discussions but I was relieved to find I'm not truly crazy. Thanks
  • @DarleneM2015 I have sporadic shoulder pain that seems to come on at all hours of the day. The best remedy I have found for the pain so far is Mary Jane.
  • @bobmarlenuh
    What is Mary Jane?
  • Thank you for this! Often times during a flare I have heel pain - it feels like I have a small sharp pebble under my skin. I had no idea that it could be related to lupus - though I'm certainly not surprised! Great ideas!
  • Oh my gosh!! Thank you so much for posting this! I have been dealing with heal pain which goes from stabbing to burning, for almost two years now during my process of getting diagnosed. My doctor just looks at me like I'm crazy when I tell her how much pain I have in my heels. I work on my feet as a pharmacy tech, and I've had to cut my hours back from 8 hr days to barely able to work 4 hrs because of pain. They always ask if I want to take a break and sit for a little bit, but that makes it so much worse. If I'm going to make a 4 hour day, I need to keep moving. Once I sit down I'm done for. My brother did by me a really nice foot and lower leg massager from bath and beyond for Christmas. His gift has saved me over and over again on a daily bases. I use it for 15 min before work in the morning, and then I use it 15 min when I get home and throughout the night. Gold stars for the brother!! Thank you so much for this article! It's nice to know I'm not alone.
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    @BrandyOstler @jenshoop @Lisa So glad you ladies found this helpful! :)
  • 7 years ago I began having severe pain in my feet. I had experienced bouts of heel pain before but the was different. Podiatrist physical therapy steroid Injections, those leg splints to wear when I was sleeping. Finally the epidural for back pin also helped.the severe plantar fascitis. I did not k ow u til this article that this was the result if the Lupus. I have had so many of the symptoms I could fill a treasure chest with the Lupus gift that keeps on giving.
  • Pain unfortunately is not new to me. I’ve had over 40 surgeries beginning at the ripe age of 16. Completely unable to work and on disability by 22. I have tons of diseases and lupus is one of them. Thank goodness for this article! My heel feels like it’s being smashed on the ground 24/7. It’s been happening for months. Every time I tell a doctor they look at me like I’m nuts! Or that I’m “drug seeking”. I don’t want their drugs or judgements. I want to not hurt.

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